THE EXHIBITION «L’ÉCHO DES ORIXÁS» The exhibition  » Echoes of the Orishas: Bridging Worlds through Art and Dialogue » explores the archetypes of Orishas  cosmogenesis and their pervasive influence on Brazilian culture.

Through the work of four artists, alongside two talks and a Storytelling workshop, it seeks to create a bridge connecting the diverse roots of Brazilian culture, from Indigenous sources to African expressions and European influences. By fostering understanding of Afro-Brazilia culture and struggles in connection with those of other communities, the exhibition is a heartfelt effort to showcase Brazil’s rich artistic heritage and promote dialogue and peace.

The show brings together paintings by Ed Ribeiro, photographs by Stéphane Munnier, an installation by Humberto Macêdo, and musical narratives by Altay Veloso. In addition, the project features Talks and Storytelling sessions by Valeria Sardenberg Mafra, Samile Possidonio, and Julio Cesar Cesano Peña, catering to an audience of both children and adults. Each talk explore a specific theme connected to the overarching theme of the exhibition. This blend of visual and musical art forms offer an insightful exploration of the links between art and mythology.

This is a touring project curated by Paulo Sergio Rufino Henrique and produced by Foteini Foteinaki, with Paris at 59 Rivoli Gallery, being the first of three stops. Portugal and Greece will be the next ones. It is presented with the support of the Innovatech Global Solutions, the Embassy of Uruguay and Association Oya.


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